Portrait Commissions

Every pet is a masterpiece! Animals have their own unique personality and expression - just like people!
My goal as an artist is to capture the individuality that each and every pet radiates. 

Interested in commissioning a portrait? To start the commission process, please email decercem@gmail.com with

Cat, dog, horse, goat, axolotl...I don't discriminate!  

Higher quality is preferred, but if you have to include that blurry photo that really shows what your pet is all about, that's perfectly fine. 

 Who doesn't like to talk about their pets?!

 An anecdote about your pal along with your photos will be super helpful in depicting their true personality.

Do they love to eat? Are they a big goofballl? Is all that fur disguising little red horns on their head? I'd love to know!

All of my paintings are created digitally. The benefit of digital painting is that I can make the portrait any size or shape, and print it onto almost any substrate you can dream up. This includes posters, archival paper, canvas, even stickers! Just be sure to let me know how large you want the print-out to be, as I will need to make the image document "big" enough for large printing. Please note that commission pricing does not include printing costs.